Gwyn Joy

Artist Information:

Gwyn Joy is a 35 year old Brooklyn based artist who explores the roles nature, solitude, and asceticism play in humanity’s search for spirituality, religion and truth.

Using oil paint and collage Joy creates images that investigate what lies just beyond the boundaries of our day to day realm and how we escape it in a metaphysical sense through extreme isolation, dream states, and interactions with our environment and the appropriation of natural objects of power.

He is highly interested in the anthropomorphic representation of animals in the form of masks in which the wearer is transported to a more naturalistic state of being and assumes the power and prestige of the animal. While donning the mask we are stripped of our previous identity and brought closer to the realm of our environment.  It is only in a state of solitude and in a state of complete immersion with our surroundings that our awareness is heightened.

Raised in Oregon, his interest in masks arose while working with the Tlingit Indian tribe in Alaska before attending Parsons School of Design in Paris and New York.

CV (pdf)

GH0019 Leaps into the Void: Shamanism, Meditation, Transcendence, Oblivion