Streetscape Symphony

ideas city


May 1st – 4th

Ideas City 2013 – A biennial festival founded by the New Museum in 2011


Though we often tune out the aural aspects of our surroundings, our acoustic environments have a profound effect on our daily lives and offer important insights into our cities. Offering an aural interpretation of New York City’s untapped capital, Streetscape Symphony is an exploration of the dialogue between the city’s design and the people who inhabit it.

The installation will follow the collaborators’ parallel auditory journeys of New York City by reproducing spatially scaled, geotagged soundscapes from each of the five boroughs within the walls of the Garis & Hahn Gallery. Motion tracking sensors in the gallery will allow visitors to manipulate sonic landscapes as they near or move away from boroughs. The result of this new, mixed sound represents the integration of the unseen resources throughout the boroughs with the embodied activity at the gallery and the coming together of New York’s most underutilized resources. A binaural headphone station will allow listeners to experience, in surround sound and first person, the artists’ explorations and to momentarily transport across boroughs and between their parallel sonic experiences.

Streetscape Symphony will be open at the Garis & Hahn Gallery Wednesday May 1st through Saturday May 4th, 2013 from 11am – 7pm with a special event on Saturday May 4 from 5pm – 7pm.

In collaboration with Bettina Zerza (ZERZA Architects), Lauren Sinreich (ArtHere), Dave Rife (ARUP), Gabe Liberti (The Criterion Collection), and Kevin Siwoff (Google).