Zoë Buckman

Artist Information:

Zoë Buckman (b. 1985, East London, UK) attended the International Center of Photography, New York and has since expanded her practice to include sculpture, neon, and embroidery.

Buckman’s body of work, Present Life, addresses the inexorable relationship between life and death through varied media including photography, sculpture, neon and installation. As a series, its starting point is one directly informed by the artist’s highly personal experience of childbirth from which relational questions pertaining to transience, permanency, and mortality are explored. By plastinating her placenta, and later incasing it in marble, Buckman exposes the inherent and volatile dualism of this organ: of its life giving properties and polarized ability to permanently extinguish. The ephemerality of the placenta is thus where the theme and from which subsequent works in this series originate.

GH0029 Present Life: February 25 – March 28, 2015 (press release)